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MWG Lebanon Hearing Loss Day March 3rd 2023



District 2452 shows the way

During my 1st year as chairperson of HEWRAG we were contacted by Dr Rami Sarkis  and his DG  Mazan Alumran of District 2452 to discuss the possibility of starting a chapter of the organisation in his District.
District 2452 covers 9 different counties on 3 different continents  being Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Georgia, U.A.E.,Cyprus, Bahrain ,Armenia & Sudan.
After consulting with R.I. and a lot of hard work on Dr Rami's side by drawing up of a constitution and recruiting members involved in the medical field in all 9 counties in District 2452  and launched the "DISTRICT 2452 MEDICAL & WELLNESS GROUP. a hewrag chapter"
The chapter are now well on their way to becoming a dynamic force in their District.
They will be holding their first international conference shortly on "Hearing loss in early childhood" on World Hearing Day on the 3rd march 2023.

Josie Norfolk