Autism Awareness

Miguel Pereyra
Has been in Rotary for 32 years and always in the same club, the RC de Montserrat, in Buenos Aires , Argentina, District 4895, where he occupied all positions of the Board, being its President twice. He also had the honor of being District Governor in 2009-2010 and Training Leader in the International Assemblies 2012 and 2013. 
Miguel has also been a Regional Leader, appointed as Endowment/Major Gift Adviser of TRF in Zone 23 B and C, 2013-2017.
A Major Donor of TRF Level 3, with his wife Liliana and his three sons are all Paul Harris Fellows, he was also Representative of RI Presidents in District Conferences in Latin America, Aide of RI Presidents, Chairman of two Zone Institutes, Chairman of GETS and Member of the Official Committee to promote Taipei 2021 World Convention, among other Rotary activities.
"I am proud to be a member and Director of HEWRAG, where through the Autism Committee we share our service activities with presentations at various World Conventions, the last one in Hamburg 2019". 

Improving the lives of autistic children and their families !

Among the projects carried out, we have supported a World Autism Congress held in my country through a District Grant. We generated strategic alliances with CESSI (Chamber of Software Manufacturers of Argentina), creating an application, the DANE project, to be used by autistic children on their tablets, cell phones and computers, which facilitated their interaction with the world around them. We share this application in several Latin American countries. We also invited APADEA (Autistic Parents Association in Argentina) to join Rotary and work together on various projects and four members of my club are current Directors of the aforementioned Association. In this Rotary period, we joined the Alliance with PANAACEA and BRINCAR, which are two organizations also involved in the issue of Autism and among the three they make up more than 85% of the actions and efforts at the national level on this issue. During the last year we have expanded our scope and always exalting the role of HEWRAG, we began to develop a service project called Autism Network, whose objective is allow the interaction of families, professionals and entities related to Autism. It is a social network whose prototype is practically finished. For this, we invited to join us at the company Globant, who is part of our team now. Globant is a Tech South American company with the largest valuation and with offices in London, USA and throughout Latin America. We think that in the next three months it will be operative for the entire Spanish-speaking world, as a first stage, and then for the rest of the world, in English. The estimated beneficiaries are in the order of 16 million people, in this firs stage, who could interact, on various topics on Autism. We remain in contact with all friends through HEWRAG and with the permanent predisposition to contribute to improving the quality of life, in this case for autistic children. All those who would like to join us are welcome.
 PDG Miguel Angel Martinez Pereyra

We presented the Project AUTISMORED.ORG at the Multidistrict Conference in Buenos Aires on May 19 to 21, with the presence of the RI President Shekar Metha , where the six Rotary Districts Governors of Argentina, Paraguay and part of Uruguay signed an agreement, assuming the commitment to disseminate the project and invite communities interested in the autism issue, to participate and get involved.
Our goal in the presentation was to emphasize Hewrag's role. 
The RI President Shekhar Metha was delighted with the project and urged us to spread it through all the clubs in the world, which is our goal in stages.

Queridos Gobernadores de la Zona 23 B:

Un gran gusto saludarlos. Me comunico por expresa solicitud del D 4140 de México, e invitarlos a participar de la PRIMERA CUMBRE GLOBAL JUVENTUD ROTARIA. La misma se realizará en forma virtual los días 1 y 2 de mayo durante 24 hs continuas de transmisión en vivo y en los cinco continentes. En lo personal, es un gran honor haber sido invitado a ser uno de los expositores en mi calidad de Director del Grupo de Acción de Rotary HEWRAG. Salud, Educación y Bienestar- y compartir las acciones que estamos desarrollando en el tema AUTISMO, con especial foco en niños y jóvenes. Cada Distrito está invitado a exponer los Proyectos de Servicio a la Juventud que se están desarrollando y para ello hay plazo de presentación de las Ponencias hasta el 20 de Abril. Adjunto detalle de las características de los contenidos de cada Ponencia y también el Flyer de la Convocatoria y la Finalidad de la misma. El correo electrónico de contacto para el envío de las Ponencias es: [email protected] Agradezco al Convocador de esta Primera Cumbre Global Juventud Rotaria, el GD Mario Vargas del D 4140 y al Presidente del Comité Organizador DNGC Rafael Molina - District New Generation Chair- por la invitación cursada.

Gran abrazo

Miguel Angel
PDG Miguel A. Martinez Pereyra D 4895,
Buenos Aires,