Mohan Kumar

As a Global LN-4 Ambassador in an honorary capacity representing The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, USA, he has enabled over 20,000 + beneficiaries being provided free below elbow mechanical functional hand.
This involved capacity building and establishing connects with NGO’s across India.
He is recipient of the Indian Achievers Award 2020 in recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution in Nation Building by Indian Achievers Forum.
To mark World Health day on 7th April, Rotary International honored six members who are building the foundations of good health at home and abroad. Mohan is one of the honorees. 
In December 2020, he was invited by the Zambian Government to initiate the prosthetic hand project in Lusaka, Zambia. He was featured in ZNBC TV Channel in Africa. His efforts have resulted in provision of the prosthetic hand in countries that include Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Mauritius
Mohan is the Charter President of Rotary Bangalore Prime, RI Dist 3190. He is also a  Global LN-4 Ambassador.
He is a Rotary Leadership Institute- Master Trainer RLI South Asia Joint Secretary
(India, Sri Lanka,Nepal, Bhutan & Maldives)

A prosthetic hand is an invaluable asset to an individual without an upper limb.
An upper limb prosthesis can determine whether or not an individual is able to be employed, contribute to household duties, or provide an increased sense of independence.
The below elbow hand can help restore functionality in people who suffer from diseases requiring amputation or from limbs lost in traumatic incidents.
We want everyone who requires a prosthetic hand to have one, regardless of their socioeconomic status or ability to pay.
We recognize that increased mobility and access are vital to people with disabilities.
The below elbow Prosthetic Hand is a non-surgical and below elbow device. It is a simple, low cost, durable, reliable and functional “helper hand”. It is constructed of “coco puff” color, injection molded plastic, with aluminum, brass and stainless-steel metal parts.
The below elbow prosthetic hand is most appropriate for below elbow losses, and is appropriate for all ages over the age of 8-10 years.
One size fits all recipients and functions as either the left or right hand.
A few of the results:
• A mother is able to hold her baby.
• A school student scored 73 percent on his 10th grade writing exams.
• A barber is able to hold a comb in one hand, scissors in another hand and get back to his vocation.
• A boy who had lost both his hands and was fed by his parents is now eating on his own using a spoon in his hand.
• A person who lost his hand in an industrial accident is now back to his vocation as a welder holding the electrode in one hand and performing the welding task.
• A farmer is able to plant sapplings in the field.

For advice and assistance in supplying lower arm prosthesis please contant us at [email protected]  or contact Mohan at [email protected]