One of the first 10 Rotary Action Groups was World Health Fairs (WHFRAG)
which was reorganized, expanded and renamed in 2014 as the
Health Education and Wellness Rotary Action Group.
HEWRAG has been involved in activities in the United States, Russia, Mexico, Fiji, Mongolia, China, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Thailand, Philippines, Argentina and Myanmar.
HEWRAG currently focuses on health fairs and medical missions, oral health and nutrition, autism spectrum disorders, cervical cancer awareness/prevention, Rotacare Free Clinics,
Prothetic Limbs
and TB awareness/treatment.
If you have a project or event in one of these areas, we hope that you will look to us as a well informed and experienced source of support and information. We are interested in expanding our portfolio of services and will consider other topics related to health, education and wellness.
Rotary members are encouraged to promote HEWRAG in their Districts and especially in their clubs.

Josie Norfolk


Karl Diekman

RI Cadre/Technical Advisor

Karen Kankkunen


Katherine Hester


 Board of Directors
o Josie Norfolk,Chair, District 9350 (South Africa) 
o Karl Diekman, Past District Governor, District 5160 (California, USA)
Rami Sarkis RC Beirut Labanon District 2452
o Kathryn Ann Hester, Treasurer, District 9630 (Australia)
o Sheila Hurst, International Service Chair, District 5160 (California, USA)
o Liz Kane, District 5000 (Hawaii, USA)
o Karen Kankkunen, Secretary, District 9570 (Australia)
o Jane Little, Past District Governor, District 5010 (Alaska, USA)
o Miguel A. Martinez Pereyra, Past District Governor, District 4890 (Argentina)
o Rajendra K. Saboo, Rotary International President, 1991-92, District 3080 (India)
o Dr. Rita Kalra, Rotary Club of Midtown Chandigarh, District 3080 (India)

 Advisory Board

o Richard D. King, Rotary International President, 2001-2002, District 5170 (California, USA)
o Jeffery C. Bamford, Past District Governor, District 9212 (Kenya)
o Barry Rassin, Rotary International President, 2018-2019, District 7020(New Providence, Bahamas)
o Phil Silvers, Past Rotary International Director, District 5500 (Arizona, USA)
o Carolyn Jones, Past Trustee, The Rotary Foundation, District 5010 (Alaska, USA)
o Steve Yoshida, Past District Governor, District 5000 (Hawaii, USA)
o Bill Gray, Past District Governor, District 7040 (Canada)
o Dr. Bob Warner, Jr., Past District Governor, District 6150 (Arkansas)
o Nadezhda Papp, Past District Governor, District 2220 (Russia)
o Morrison Heth, Past District Governor, District 5450 (Colorado, USA)
o Dr. Emman Ude AKPEH, Past District Governor, District 9142 (Nigeria)
o Dr. James P. Green, Assistant District Governor, District 5110 (Oregon, USA)
o Al Jubitz, Rotary Action Group for Peace, District 5100 (Oregon, USA)
o James H. Goddard, Rotary Club of Denver, District 5450 (Colorado, USA)
o Michael Mead, Rotary Club of Balgowlah, District 9285 (Australia)
o Bruce Mills, Rotary Club of Logan, District 9630 (Australia)
o Dr. Sanjay Kalra, Rotary Club of Midtown Chandigarh, District 3080 (India)
o Chinelo Ude Akpeh, Rotary Club of Onitsha East, District 9142 (Nigeria)
o Dr. Richard Godfrey, Rotary Club of Niles, District 5170 (California, USA)
o Richard Clarke, Past District Governor, District 5020 (Canada)